What will give your acting that quality that will make people want to watch you?
One of the keys to acting to your potential, whether you’re a professional actor or just starting out, is to tap into a power greater than yourself, your imagination.
Your imagination is your true source of creative power. To access your imagination is an act of faith, where you have to learn to let your creativity flow through you – rather than trying to control it.
In an article in The New Yorker Magazine by Mark Singer, David Milch, co-creator of NYPD Blues said,
“I find when I am merely thinking about a scene, I am in an egoist state, which is the opposite of the state where you suppress the ego and go out in spirit into the characters.
But it is not just as if I go with the flow. I spent a lot of time studying these characters and feeling my way into them. (This is the craft of acting.)

The difference between being & acting is when you find yourself in the scene.

Great actors learn to trust the power of their imagination and their instincts and let it channel through them and guide them.
There are simple tools and techniques you can apply to your screen acting which will unlock the power of your imagination and make a huge difference to your work.
These tools are very simple, but by no means easy. It takes time and practice to master them. But is well worth the effort.

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