For Hard News

  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

For People’s Life Stories

  • How did this begin for you?
  • What happened then?
  • And the future, what does that hold?

To Elicit Passion

  • What's important about that to you? (and continue that until you get a core value)

Open and Closed Questions

  • An open question is one that allows the interviewee to express an answer that gives more information.
  • A closed question only allows a simple yes or no answer.
  • Be aware that you can, for deliberate effect, put assumptions into your questions
  • "Are you aware how unfair these laws are?"
  • "Should Peter Hollingworth be sacked, or should he resign?"
  • "Does testosterone cause violence?"
  • "Was this a cock-up or a cover-up?"

Other Tips

  • Avoid asking two questions in one.
  • Listen to people's answers. Consider how they'll look in the finished programme.
  • Think about what the audience would want to know about the subject.

Prepared by Bob Hughes 0407 901 587

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