When you let go and are in the moment, you access the power of your imagination – the true source of creative power.

Nothing kills our creative spark more quickly than over analysis. Acting is much more an act of discovery, where we play “what if?” The story emerges in the process. We have to surrender to the story and process. We are in it’s power, it is not in ours. Realizing the limitations of intellect and will in acting and surrendering to the story is not easy. It becomes increasingly challenging as the stakes rise. It is a dance not a formula.

Acting is an act of intuitive discovery, not the following of a rigid logical formula. If you let go, and trust, the answer will always appear. The best results come when the actor puts their focus on other character. This leaves space for their imagination to do its work and the story to evolve.

The great benefits of having a process and a framework is that it allows the actor to be in the moment, leaving viewers wanting to know what happens next. Structure and guidelines stimulate rather than limit the imagination. The purpose of technique is to free the unconscious.

When an actor lightens up, stops taking him or herself so seriously and realizes they are just playing and having fun, the process of acting becomes a source of immense pleasure and this pleasure is ultimately transmitted to viewers. One of the great challenges as an actor is to lighten up and play within the framework of the story acting process. When people get very serious, they try and think their way out of a problem, and the answer just gets pushed further and further away. What’s important to remember is that…In the beginning, before it was duty, acting was child’s play.

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