Many people have  misconceptions about actors and the process of acting.

1. One of them is that in order to act, actors have to be – in the mood and that successful actors feel wildly enthusiastic and inspired every time they act. In fact, just the opposite is true for most actors.

2. One must be ruthless about this matter of so called mood. Acting will create the mood.

3. Professional actors force themselves to act whether they’re utterly exhausted, feeling hopeless, depressed – yet  somehow the activity of acting changes everything.

4. After a frantic week, people often don’t feel like acting when they come to class.

But when they do, they’re so glad they did.

5.There’s no feeling like acting. But it is a discipline, like anything worthwhile. And the more you act, the better, more inspired and grateful you become.

6. So just do it. If you do the thing it will give you the energy. Acting is a mood changing activity. The act of acting from your imagination will bring your acting to life and nourish your spirit, making you feel connected to something greater than yourself.

7. I encourage anyone, who feels at all compelled to act to do so. Acting has so much to offer, to give, to teach, so many surprises and discoveries.

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