OnCamera Studio is a multicam studio utilising DVCAM cameras, Multiple decks, quality lighting and audio – for film, television, TVC, training and interviews.

  • 3 DVCAM Camcorders
  • Multiple DVD decks, Mini-DV, U-Matic, and VHS VTR’s – or firewire direct from camera’s
  • Dubbing between DVD’s, Mini DV, Super VHS.
  • Character Generator (ideal for casting situations and adds a professional look to the final product)
  • 2 Arri Fresnel and 2 Redhead Fresnel lights fitted  with soft boxes.  Lighting mixer.
  • 1 Video Printer
  • 3 Senheizer shotgun and handheld mics. 8 Channel Audio Mixer
  • Limited bluescreen capability
  • Stereo system – incl. CD & tape.
  • Office (including computer, printer
  • Make-up room, kitchen, waiting room, courtyard.


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