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Manu Bennett – Screen Test, Filmed At OnCamera Studio


Acting For Camera

These classes provide actors with much needed on going practical weekly camera experience.

Breakdown of a scene, include text, basics of character, conflict and story-line. How the changes in the size of the shot, from the master of a scene to a close-up, affect technique and performance; continuity and how single-camera differs from multi-camera shooting. Professional Directors and Editors make constant choices about whom to cut to. (you want them to cut to you as much as possible) including when the other guy is talking. This workshop will look at listening and expressing thoughts and emotions whilst listening on camera. You’ll get to work on several scenes from the latest Film & TV scripts both local and international to prepare in advance and can be downloaded from the website.

Please bring a HDSD card to record takes for your showreel or for agent purposes.
The course runs one night per week for 4 weeks.

Prior to class, actors are required to thoroughly prepare a scene. At class actors perform the scene (to camera) and receive feedback between takes. Approx 4 to 10 takes each). Actors receive training in camera techniques, script analysis and audition skills.


On Camera Studio uses the latest  scripts, from actual screen-tests for upcoming shows, as well as classic scenes selected to suit each students stage of development.

  • All genre’s are covered, included drama, comedy, sitcom,  thriller, adventure, science fiction and film noir.
  • Various cutting edge techniques.
  • All directors have extensive and specialised track  records  in the industry, locally and internationally.
  • Participation by audition only – click here for audition piece
  • Graded into 5 levels
  • 10 participants per class
  • Free copies are provided on HDSD Card for personal (and agent) review during the week. Also to edit your own scenes.


Your tutors will be Sandra Lee Paterson and Tony Barclay.




Auditions generally take place in the last two weeks of each term.
Please click here to Audition, times must be arranged with Sandra.

All Classes

6.00pm – 10.00pm