The real thing. On Camera is based on the lives of a troupe of young actors of varying sexes, ages and countries – many from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It’s about what they go through in their battle to gain employment against overpowering odds. You’ll learn about the industry the hard way, as they do. You’ll experience the truth behind the glamour and hype, the blood, sweat and tears as they wait for their `lucky’ break. You’ll realize dreams really do come true – but so do nightmares.

STYLE: Gritty. Fast. Original music.

PREMISE: Each week you’ll join a troupe of eight young actors in their film and television training class. Where they will film a different scripted scene every week, some weeks it’ll be a comedy, a drama, a thriller or science fiction.

You’ll watch them learning to cry and laugh on cue or appear drunk or drugged. You’ll see them practicing new stunts and safety, experiment with prosthetics and makeup, and rehearsing lines. You’ll experience them learning to kiss for camera, in order to create truth and intimacy for those awkward kissing and bed scenes.

You’ll join them at work, be it as cops, doctors, lawyers and footballers to models, comedians, backup singers, wrestlers, strippers and waiters. You’ll meet their partners, agents, teachers, and the casting executives that decide who will make it and why.

You’ll see them before, during and after their auditions. Experience the excruciating casting and selection process. Where you’ll share their thrill if chosen and the heartbreak of those left behind. When successful you’ll follow them through rehearsals, makeup, wardrobe, meal breaks and publicity calls. Once on set you’ll share the adrenalin rush of their first cue, `Sound, speed and Action’. Or the pain and disenchantment of those left behind, as they battle fears of mediocrity and failure.

Life can be more emotionally charged than any of the characters they play in camera class, filled with hopes, dreams, doubts, doubts, alcohol and drugs. Survival is tough in an industry with no guarantees and not everyone makes it.