Preparation / Class Outline – Remember to bring your SD card 8GB to record takes

Week 1
Nigel Collins
Please prepare two 30 second pieces doing the sort of Lifestyle Program you would like to see yourself presenting.
Week 2
Tim Stackpool
Please prepare to a 1 minute  interview on a favorite subject.
Week 3
Brendan Moar
Please prepare 2 x 30 second pieces on very different subjects & genre.
Week 4
Tim Stackpool
(Individual homework given will be given to you from week 2. You will also interview each other with skills learn in week 2)
Week 5
Nigel Collins
2 x 30 second pieces with props - again very different pieces. Cooking, travel, children, music, dance seniors etc
Week 6
Autocue skills - extensive 4 hour class with a floor manage/producer.