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$ 395

Term (4 Weeks)
  •  Weekly Classes
  • Copies Of Your Clips To Review
  •  Personal Critique And Advice
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$ 1200

Term (6 Weeks)
  •  Weekly Classes
  • Copies Of Your Clips To Review
  •  Personal Critique And Advice
  •  Presenting Resources
  •  Extra Support
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Audition Scripts


Actors are required to submit a showreel OR perform an audition, you may bring your own script or choose one from the following:


Prepare a one to two minute pitch to camera, doing the type of show you see yourself presenting.  Or use the script  below:


Your tutors will be Sandra Lee Paterson and Tony Barclay.




Auditions generally take place in the last two weeks of each term.
Please click here to Audition, times must be arranged with Sandra.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Classes

6.00pm – 10.00pm

Cancellation Policy

Actors must give 24 hours notice that they cannot make a class.
If no notice is given before absence, the class and value of that class are forfeit.
Thank you for your understanding.